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Collaborative Approach

"Your local CNC precision machine shop (since 2000)"

ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100C (Aerospace) Certified as well as Controlled Goods Program

Although collaboration is widely discussed and many claim to do it, implementing collaboration in business is often rare.  We commit to “effective collaboration”, ensuring both parties commit to open communication to producing tangible and sustainable results.

Product Consultation – Problem Solving

We work with your engineering and design staff to provide an objective perspective to the design project applying the principles of continuous improvement.

Product Concept

We will assist your team with detailed project documentation as the product moves from a visual concept through to design blueprints and specifications.

Feasibility (reverse engineering)

We begin with clarifying the applications of the part to be manufactured and integrate with manufacturing processes to ensure there is a direct association (quality control) between the blue prints and the final product.

This will enable us to maximize manufacturing efficiencies without compromising quality.

Project Management – Scope

We provide full service support, this includes; assistance with the selection of the base/raw materials; source and supply of the materials – vendor selection; shipping, receiving and inventorying of materials; manufacturing short or long production runs; testing; assembly and quality control; packaging, shipping and order tracking; documentation and version control; and warranty and maintenance programs.

We commit to complete `end-to-end` service and support.