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Our Commitments

"Your local CNC precision machine shop (since 2000)"

ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100C (Aerospace) Certified as well as Controlled Goods Program

Outsourcing your supply chain for manufacturing and assembly services are key strategies in today’s competitive manufacturing environment.  At Aptech we have vertically integrated our services to include anodizing, fabrication, heat treating, welding, painting and assembly of components through a long established and trusted vendor network.

Aptech differentiates itself by offering vertically integrated, in-house machining and metal fabrication driving down cost and time to market for our customers.  We pride ourselves with our highly-skilled, can-do workforce and creative, entrepreneurial management team, working together to help our customers get to market quicker.

1.0 Collaborative Approach; Expanding Your Internal Resources

Although collaboration is widely discussed and many claim to do it, implementing collaboration in business is often rare.  We commit to “effective collaboration”, ensuring both parties commit to open communication to producing tangible and sustainable results.

1.1 Product Consultation – Problem Solving

We work with your engineering and design staff to provide an objective perspective to the design project applying the principles of continuous improvement.

1.2 Product Concept

We will assist your team with detailed project documentation as the product moves from a visual concept through to design blueprints and specifications.

1.3 Feasibility (reverse engineering)

We begin with clarifying the applications of the part to be manufactured and integrate with manufacturing processes to ensure there is a direct association (quality control) between the blue prints and the final product.

This will enable us to maximize manufacturing efficiencies without compromising quality.

1.4 Project Management – Scope

We provide full service support, this includes; assistance with the selection of the base/raw materials; source and supply of the materials – vendor selection; shipping, receiving and inventorying of materials; manufacturing short or long production runs; testing; assembly and quality control; packaging, shipping and order tracking; documentation and version control; and warranty and maintenance programs.

Complete `end-to-end` service and support.

2.0 Product Design and Specifications

The product design specification (PDS) is created early in the design process. Together with our clients, we detail the requirements that must be met in order for the product or process to be successful. The final process specifications lays the groundwork for all engineering design activities and ensures that all relevant factors are accounted for.

2.1 Establish design, tolerances and material specifications

The initial product design and specifications are programmed into the Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) machines to produce samples for proofing; Iterate until perfect.

2.2 Computer Aided Design (CAD) – Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Finalize CNC programs and setups for production.

2.3 Materials Sourcing and Supply

Calculate production scale and determine economic order quantities; procure production materials; ensure materials quantity and quality when received.

2.4 Bills of Materials (BoM)

Assist the project team with the development of part numbers and bill of materials

2.5 Cost Estimates

Develop cost estimates based on production requirements and longer term repeat orders

3.0 Research and Development (SR & ED)

We actively participate with clients to conduct the making of a discovery that can either lead to the development of new products , or to improvement of existing products.

3.1 Regulatory Compliance and Documentation

We understand the Scientific Research and Experimental Development process and contribute to providing the required documentation in compliance with Canada Revenue standards.

3.2 Prototype Development

We will work with your project team to assist with the design and development of new products by contributing specialized knowledge in materials, precision machining and production.

3.3 Testing

We will work with Canadian and American Standards to meet specified performance benchmarks.

4.0 Manufacture Components / Assembly and Sub-assembly

We are experienced with a vast range of metal and non-metal materials, from a low volume to a large multi-batch production.

4.1 Just in Time (JIT) and Economic Order Quantities (EOQ)

We will work with your team to establish and maintain economic re-order points and deliveryschedules to avoid stock outs.

4.2 Quality Control (ISO 9001:2008 / AS 9100:2009)

We have always operated in compliance with the quality culture and principles of ISO 9001:2008, AS9100:2009 and Controlled Goods Program and are currently in the certification process

4.3 Cost Management and Inventory Control (Kanban System)

We will consult with your project team to calculate optimum buffer or safety stock inventory levels

5.0 Perfectly, on time!

This is something we take great pride in, we have built our reputation on reliably getting the job done, meeting high precision standards and delivering a finished product   “perfectly, on time”

5.1 Prompt Just in Time (JIT) Delivery

We utilize our local and international resources to source all materials and processes i.e. heat treating, plating, anodizing, etching) to fully co-ordinate production for Just in Time Delivery

5.2 Production Scheduling / shift management

Lean, flexible and agile; we can adapt our production scheduling to meet the tightest deadlines

5.3 Service Manuals and Drawings

We provide a full set of service/maintenance manuals and assembly drawings to maximize the life and functionality of the products we manufacture.

6.0 Continuous Improvement

We pride ourselves on our ongoing effort to improve our services and  processes which are constantly being evaluated and improved in the light of  efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. For us, it’s a gradual never-ending change for which we expect continual improvement to improvement in customer relationships, employees and our suppliers.

6.1 Design Improvements, version control and upgrades

We will collaborate with your project team to formulate new innovations for the next generation of the product. We store all drawings, specifications and computerized programs for each part or component produced and maintain archived version control files.

6.2 Materials Sourcing and Supply / approved alternatives and substitutes

As part of the specification process, we will work with your engineering staff to determine approved alternative and substitute materials to ensure a reliable and consistent source of supply.

6.3 Service, Support, Maintenance and Warranty Policy

We back all of work with full service, maintenance, support and warranty programs.

7.0 Chart

Service, Support, Maintenance and Warranty Policy

This chart represents the collaborative contributions we can provide throughout the full cycle of the production process as defined in the above noted steps.