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"Precision CNC Machining In Vancouver: The Basics"

If you’ve read through some of our previous blog posts, you’ll know how important precision CNC machining is in the manufacturing process, both in Vancouver and worldwide.Nonetheless, to truly understand how a precision machine shop works, it is helpful to strip the process down to its essential components and get back to basics at its simplest level. Read on to find out more about how CAM software, NC code, and CAD factor into the running of a precision machine shop in Vancouver.

How Does Precision CNC Machining Work?

Our precision machine shop in Vancouver meets international quality assurance regulations, so all of the work is done to a high level of global standards. We employ CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, as a means of combining digitized data, a CAM program and a computer to manipulate our machines. There are a whole host of machines that can be automated by CNC to create parts, from milling machines, to lathes, welders, laser cutters, and more.

What Is CAM?

Computer Aided Machining (CAM) concerns the operation of software packages used with CNC machines. In precision machine shops, CAM software constructs CNC tool paths and NC code which allow these intelligent machines to run without the assistance of humans. However, though CAM is what creates the code for the machine to use, and it does help operate the machine without human assistance, the initial programming is always done by an experienced machinist.

One a side note, if you’ve ever heard of a similar acronym CAD (Computer Aided Design), this also relates to, and is often used in, the machining process. CAD is used for 3D designs, and when both mechanisms are used simultaneously, this is called CAD/CAM. Everyone who works with these programs must be highly skilled in all of the above areas, including CAM and CAD.

What Is NC Code?

NC code is the language on which precision CNC machines in Vancouver run. This language is fairly uncomplicated, and is used to direct CNC machines on their movements, as well as the speed at which they are done. Many modern machines are equipped with 5 axes, meaning this technology is able to achieve more detail than ever before during the execution of tasks.

With more and more innovation happening in the industry, CNC machining is more capable than ever of fulfilling even the most demanding manufacturing needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your next project or venture.