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Aviation and Aerospace

"Your local CNC precision machine shop (since 2000)"

ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100C (Aerospace) Certified as well as Controlled Goods Program

Aptech acts as your outsourced ‘partner’ bringing specialized equipment, expertise and a commitment to provide the best possible integrated solution to meet the aerospace industry’s demanding requirements. We work closely with our tooling partners determine the best methods for utilizing both the machine and tooling to cut the exotic materials such as titanium and Inconel and composites which are often used in aerospace manufacturing.

Aptech recognizes that maintaining detailed accountability and trace ability for each part produced is of utmost importance in manufacturing for aerospace. In Aptech’s trace ability process, a folder of events is created for each part, and each part is coded to the cell where it is being machined. Then, at each stage of the machining process, data is collected and archived to its corresponding folder. Detailed data for probing, tooling, machining, and inspections are recorded and can be easily retrieved at any time, allowing us to deliver accountability and trace-ability with confidence.

“Aptech is a long standing quality supplier to us for machined parts.On time delivery is very important to our business and Aptech, always delivers on time with competitive pricing. Amir always responds to our emails and RFQ’s quickly. We value our business relationship with Aptech and we would recommend using Aptech for your machining needs”……… Senior Buyer, Aerospace Company

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