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About Aptech

"Your local CNC precision machine shop (since 2000)"

ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100C (Aerospace) Certified as well as Controlled Goods Program


Proudly Canadian, Aptech Precision Machining Inc. was established in October 2000 by President Amir Moghadamfard. He has lead Aptech to a well-earned reputation for his dedication to producing the highest quality products and prompt delivery, he became known for work that is done “Perfectly, On Time”. From inception to the present day, Aptech continues to specialize and excel in the CNC machining of very tight tolerance, high precision components for industries such as; oil & gas, medical devices, auto parts and security device manufacturing, food processing, aviation & aerospace, communication, transportation and construction.

Aptech has become a profitable and stable business that is anchored by the fully paid ownership of both the building and all of its CNC equipment. The company has worked hard to position itself as a reliable and trusted, long-term, trading partner.


With over 15 years of local industry experience in a diverse range of industries including; aviation, oil and gas, hydro & electric, automotive, medical, mining, food processing, and customized research, design and development, Amir and his team of Red Seal machinists are aptly qualified to handle any CNC project.

Additionally, we have partnered with a number of local vendors whose complimentary finishing specialties enables us to provide complete end-to-end solutions for a broad range of components.   Some of the post CNC machining services we offer are listed below.

1. Heat treating and anodizing, brazing and welding.

2. Protective metal finishing; electroplating, polishing, galvanizing, chrome/nickel finishes, passivating stainless and parkerizing

3. Sand blasting, steam cleaning, degreasing, deburring and finishing.

4. Powder coating, painting,

5. Stamping, etching.

6. CSA and ASTM testing services

Community Involvement

Being a busy machine shop isn’t just about machining. Our staff inspire us to reach out into the community and make a difference by supporting causes through corporate donations, sponsorship and the volunteer spirit of our employees.



We are honest, reliable knowledgeable machinists and design professionals dedicated to serving our clients with integrity, creativity, expertise, quality, respect, collaboration, commitment and fairness.


“We help our clients develop high quality, practical, complete,’end-to-end,’ precision-machined solutions, reliably, consistently and cost effectively”. We  are proud to offer honest and reliable service to all of our clients to help make your business successful, perfectly, on time.


We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to both routine and complex production requirements whether the job is a short or long production run. We are truly a state of the art facility housed with the most updated equipment which we own, debt free. This means we can provide high quality, precision products “Perfectly and On Time”.

In 2017: 5  axis milling machine …    to Coming soon

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List of Equipment

We have six CNC vertical milling machines and three CNC lathe with bar feeders


Aptech is the proud owner of a fully paid for, state-of-the-art building that is centrally located in the industrial area of Richmond BC. Close to the airport and main highway arteries, the building has a full service loading dock for fast and easy, shipping and receiving handling access. The 5,600 sq. foot shop floor space is clean, well maintained, and employs an optimized layout for lean and efficient manufacturing capabilities.